The Jubilee pool

Match record 153lb 4oz - Tim Hunt 

The Jubilee Pool is first Pool on the complex as you arrive, set in open countryside and very picturesque. It is about 3 acres in size and has 27  well spaced out pegs, giving each match angler plenty of room during matches. Many of these pegs having a feature to fish too. There are two small islands and lilly pads near the entrance and a large island towards the back of the Pool. The depth is pretty uniform all over the Pool and is approximately 3 to 4 feet deep. It tends to shallow up to 18 inches near the large island.

This Pool is considered an ideal match pool because the average stamp of carp caught is 2-4lb which come to the hook relatively easily from all methods of fishing, Waggler, Bomb and Method tactics to the islands and pole tactic's in the open water and the margins. Matches are won from various pegs on the Pool. No peg is an out and out 'flyer.' Anglers can compete from any peg. However the carp do run to 14lb. Other species stocked onto the Jubilee pool are Chub to 5lb, Tench to 2lb, Perch to 2lb and plenty of Roach and Skimmers to 2lb In the summer months 50-100lb is needed to frame in matches  

Pleasure sessions can be 'a bite a chuck.' in the summer months using maggots which tend to attract the small fly so use bigger baits such as Corn, Meat, Pellet, Paste, bread etc.

In the winter months matches are usually won with 30-50lb if you scale down your tackle and use Maggot's and worms etc. Although The Jubilee Pool is a members only Pool it is available for Match bookings from other Angling Clubs, many re-booking after their first visit to the fishery.