Phil's pool

Extremely shallow and full of snags

The water isn't currently fishable due to its depth and snags and unfortunately the committee do not know when the pool will be

suitable.  The pool is NOT closed but advice is not to waste your time.

Phil's Pool was named after Phil Johns who was a member of the society for over 40 years. It is much smaller than the other two pools at the fishery but contains much larger variety of silver fish! If it's big Perch that you are after, then this is the pool for you, they weigh in upto 3lb and make a welcome change from Carp! However there is also the odd Carp in this Pool. along with Chub, Tench, Ide and plenty of smaller Roach, Rudd and Skimmers.

 Phil's pool contains a good head of silvers and the best tactic is using light gear on the pole with maggots, pellets and a little groundbait being the best baits. You can have a great days fishing on this pool with plenty of bites from silver fish all day including Roach, Skimmers and bigger Bream and Perch as a bonus. If you bored of Carp dominated venues this pool makes an interesting change. 

This pool is available to other clubs to book matches on.