Evesham Jubilee club news
We have 25-35 anglers regulary fishing our matches, there can't be many clubs in the country that can boast about that. Winning one of our matches is a great achievement! Read all our match and club news here 

This Weeks Matches

Wednesday 19th June Open

This Open has been moved to Jubilee Pool

Saturday 22nd June - Centenary Match
This match is a six hour CLUB match with the draw being at 11.00am, fishing 12.00 - 18.00

The match fee will be £10.

Sunday 23rd June Club Match

This match although listed on Withies will be on whichever pool the Match organiser decides.

8 hardy Anglers fished on Jubilee. Conditions were very cold and dead calm.
Mark Court won the match with 14lb 8oz from peg 2. Second was Tony Hemming with 5lb 14oz from peg 11. Section winners were Chris Taylor with 4lb 10oz from peg 12 and Derek Hopkins with 3oz from peg 7.
Fish were everywhere but...

15 Anglers fished on Jubilee Pool
Steve Rogers wins round 4 of the Winter League with 17lb 10oz from peg 4. He was also on the Bonus peg so received an extra 50 pounds! Second was Ron Evans from Peg 12 with 11lb 14oz and third was the very consistent Ray Nosworthy from peg 7 with 11lb 7oz....

Tony Hemming takes the Hangover Cup with a weight of 8lb 7oz from peg 14. Tony was able to entice the Skimmers after a quiet first hour. Second was Gary Seadon with 6lb from peg 18. Section winners were Richard Ford with 4lb 2oz from peg 12 and Steve Rogers with 5lb 14oz from peg 24. Everyone caught fish...

A cracking match on Withies with close placings. However first place was comfortably secured by Ian Pitman on Peg 25 with 33lb 2oz. The next three places show how important a bonus Roach or Perch can be with only 7 ounces splitting, Chris Taylor in second with 21lb 9oz on Peg 23, Ray Nosworthy third with 21lb 4oz on...

So the choice of the whole fishery allowed a few of us to explore the lost world of Withies.
12 Fished in good conditions.
Alan Gardner wins off Withies peg 22 with 30lb 9oz.
1st Alan Gardner Withies peg 22 with 30lb 9oz
2nd Derek Hopkins withies peg 25 with 21lb 2oz
3rd Steve Rogers Jubilee peg 7 with 16lb 4oz ...

16 Anglers fished Jubilee Pool in calm conditions with the water after recent frosts being crystal clear. The recent rain has only increased the depth by about 1" - 2" so the water level is still critical.
Bob Evans had organized fantastic prizes with Tesco vouchers, Cash for the top three. Wine or beer, mince pies, Pellets and...