Evesham Jubilee club news
We have 25-35 anglers regulary fishing our matches, there can't be many clubs in the country that can boast about that. Winning one of our matches is a great achievement! Read all our match and club news here 

Last call for FF - Check you are on the list - Other Dec Matches

Please see the list below for Fur and Feather.

Sunday 8th December Fur and Feather
Mark C
Alan G
Dave B
Phil S
Jenny W
Rich F
Ray N
Frank W
Ron E
Bob E
Mark B
Gary S
Chris T

Fur and Feather prizes include 3 Tesco vouchers, £25, £20 and £15.  Everyone will get a choice of prizes including the vouchers plus a goodie bag, giving all attendees prizes in excess of £15.  There will also be a optional £5 pool to top it off.

Sunday 15th December

We have a meat bonanza match on Sunday the 15th, entry will be £12 (just £1 extra) for this one. The prizes will be Top Side of Beef Joint, 2 x 10oz Sirloin Steaks and a tray of 10 chicken breasts for first, second and third. This is all fresh and can be frozen if required. It is sourced from an award winning butchers and previous winners will vouch for how good it is!
The extra pound will help pay for the meat, all the normal amount of cash for the pools etc will remain.
The bonus pegs will be in force for all matches as well!

Sunday 22nd December Christmas Fayre Match
This is a match will be £15 with £10 going on cash pools. The Christmas Fayre will include two of the goodie bags from FF but this is not just a FF leftovers match. There will be many bottles of varying alcohol wines, a couple of 800g tubs of Quality Street, more chocolates, mints, biscuits etc. The booby prize is a metal 'cock'. (no comment but it is a bird).
Everyone will get at least one extra prize on top of the normal cash payouts (probably two). Plus the bonus pegs are running. The prizes will be allocated in order of match results.

A great chance to pick up loads of prizes and money attending these matches this Christmas so come along. If you are thinking of joining matches for the first time then this is a perfect time!

Merry Christmas

Saturday Open on Withies

As there are going to be quite a few going to the Fur and Feather on Sunday and Jubilee is fishing tough at the moment it doesn't make sense to use the pool on the Saturday.

It is going to be very mild so Alan is going to run the match on Withies. Many fish have been seen on the top in Withies so you never know it might fish well!

Draw time is 9.00am fishing 10 - 3.

Club Admin Officer

This Sunday 8th December Fur and Feather  - no need to prepay

It has been decided for logistical reasons to allow Anglers to book into the Fur and Feather match without prepayment. This can be done via any committee member. Please remind them to let me know so I can ensure I have bought the right amount of prizes.

You can also enter by sending me a txt on 07876770053.

The match fee is £15 with an optional cash pool of £5. Everyone will receive a 'goodie bag' worth more than the entry fee. Placed anglers will choose additional prizes in order of position including Tesco vouchers.
Entries are going well but I don't want anybody to miss out or turn up on the day unannounced as they won't receive a 'goodie bag'

It looks like it is going to be mild weather so book in now!


Club Admin Officer

New Guestimate Match Total Weight Option on Matches - Update

Many thanks to the 7 who entered today adding £7 to the fish fund and making the potential payout £17.
However with 11 fishing nobody thought with the weather so cold that the Pool would fish so well! The lowest guess was 84lb and the highest was 132lb......the total match weight was 242lb 4oz! That just shows the work everyone has done /Bank Clearing/culling the lilly's/siltex/stocking has paid off so far. We should be proud of the water and hopefully get a healthy membership next year.
I feel I have to make a change for Wednesday, taking into account there could be less fishing or even more I don't want the parameters to change too far but I think asking for guesstimates to be within 1lb below or 1lb over is asking a lot so on Wednesday the guesses will need to be within and including 3lb above or below.
The rollover £17 plus entries will be running on Wednesday to try and guess the overall combined match weight of all anglers to be within 3lb's over or 3lb's under.
I will add the guesses and results onto a new page on the website in due course.
Thanks for making it a success so far

I am starting a new Pool for guessing the overall weight of a match. This will be optional and will cost £2. £1 will go to the pool and £1 will go to the fish fund. A donated £10 will start the pool.

The aim is to guess the overall total weight of fish all angers catch in a match. If are within or exactly 1lb over or 1lb under the amount caught, then you win the pool. If nobody guesses within this amount the money rolls over. Anglers will be requested to weigh in any weights over !lb. This will be for any matches I attend and is totally voluntary. Guesses will be recorded before the match starts and winners will be notified on the Web page and Forum. I will also post near misses etc.


1. This will be run if I am attending the matches. I will add MT next to the fixtures I am planning to attend each week. If for any reason I do not make the match then it will NOT be run.

2. There must be at least 7 anglers present at the match start, just like the bonus/golden pegs.

3. The lowest possible guess must be 30lb. If you don't think a match will produce 30lb overall then do not enter. If a match total does not reach 30lb the money rolls over - no refunds.

4. If a match is unexpectedly abandoned after commencing then the money rolls over - no refunds.

5. If I am forced to leave a match mid term then the match organiser will provide a copy of the weigh sheet to me and I will provide results ASAP.

6. If the pool money is not won before the end of the season then the Pool will carry over onto the away matches during the close season and will continue into next season.

7. There will be no minimum entry requirement. If you don't start guessing until the pool reaches a certain level then fine, this is ultimately about collecting money for fish fund.

8. The pool will be run on any matches I attend. This includes opens/away matches. I may not attend a river match for-instance and in this case the pool could well be run on a Saturday Open that I don't normally attend.

9. If two anglers guess the weight exactly the same but one above and one below the pool with be split 50/50.

10. If I make a genuine mistake, saying adding up the weights you have until the next match to let me know. Once the next match starts then previous match discrepancies will not be valid and any wins will not be paid. I will adding a new page to the website which will include all entry details and where possible a picture of the result sheets. Please check your entries.

11. If someone accidentally forgets to weigh in an amount, or there is a weighing malfunction or any other issue then my decision will be final. If in the unlikely event there is a objection then I would need to informed and a letter written to the committee details your issue. This statement is required but I am not expecting any issues!

I will start this on Sunday with the pool starting at £10 plus a £1 from each entry.

Club Admin Officer.

Fur and Feather Match details and entry info

Match Details

This years Fur and Feather will held on Sunday 8th December.  The match fee will be £15.  Draw time will be 9.00am and fishing from 10-3pm.  All of the match fee will be used for prizes as well donated prizes from John Davis.  There will be an optional £5 pool for cash payouts.

How to confirm your entry

Entry to the Fur and Feather this year requires the £15 entry fee to be paid in advance.  Please pay Bob Evans or if not availabe any committee member your £15 on or before the 1st December.  This is so the correct amount of prizes can be purchased which is essential when the whole £15 entry fee is being paid out.

Approx 230lb's of Carp added to Jubilee Pool

A bargain we couldn't refuse. Received 4th November 2019

Approx 230lb of Carp added to Jubilee Pool

We received an offer of 200lb's of carp from JS Fisheries at a price which represented a 60% discount on anything I could find on-line.  One of the leased pools at his fishery had been sold so the fish needed to be moved and as we are a local club they were offered to us.  The deal was for 200lb of fish averaging 4 - 6lb.  When they arrived today Jack thought there would be more than 200lb and we estimated the final total received was 230lb's a bonus 15%.  As there are currently on-going negotiations with the owners for next years rent I notified them that these fish will be financed solely by donations and I would finance the delivery and collect donations independently.  The committee was very keen to get these fish but only on these terms.

Donations so far are £100 from myself plus approximately 40 Pink Bluetooth speakers which will be sold for only £5 with 100% going to the fund (sold 5 so far with more orders pending)  £25 plus £100 pledged from Ron Evans.  If members just give between £5 - £20 the required figure would be achieved and surpassed in no time.  I will update the forum with each donation (anomalously unless stated) and update the news page weekly.  Please see forum for exact purchase figure. I also plan to hold the occasional 'fish fund match' pending committee approval, with the first hopefully during the Christmas period.

Donations can be made to Mark Court at the fishery or via Paypal to courtieboy@gmail.com.  I will add more payment methods on the forum.  If you wish to donate via the treasurer Bob Evans please let him know it is for the fish so that he can pass the money on.

Tight lines,

Mark Court

Club Admin Officer.

PS If as expected the figure required for these fish is reached reasonably quickly JS Fishery has already stated that he will do us another great deal on Bream when they become available during the colder months of Jan - Feb.  We would be looking for around half the amount we received last year.

Chris Taylor Joins the Ton Up Club

Sat 3rd August 2019

Chris got his ton at the Saturday Open on 3rd August 2019.  He achieved it from peg 2 on Jubilee and weighed 105lb 3oz.  Chris caught the fish on hard pellet and corn.

This is the tenth ton at the fishery and the seventh from Jubilee.  This is the only ton of 2019 so far......

Congratulations to Chris on this milestone.

9 fished on Jubilee
The weather was blustery with extended showers in the morning. The winner with a fine weight of 82lb 10oz was Richard Ford off peg 11. Second was Mark Court with 54lb 3oz off peg 6 just pipping Billy Pitman who had 54lb 1oz off peg 14.
Section winners were Ian Pitman with 50lb...

Seventeen anglers took part in the Prize Match held on Jubilee Pool. There was a choice of prizes for the individual winners which included a joint of beef, an assortment of fishing goodies and bottles of spirits. There was also a prize for the heaviest carp and bream caught during the contest.
The winner of the match was...

Sunday Club Match fishing for the Claret Jug. The winner was the ever consistent Richard Ford weighing in 67lb 1oz of carp and two bream on J2. Second place was claimed by Chris Taylor weighing in 60lb 14oz on J7. Third place was secured by Pete Lewis weighing in 43lb 14oz of carp on J4.
Section winners were Ray...

Sunday's club match held on Jubilee Pool. The match threw up some great weights. The winner weighing in 93lb of carp and bream was Tony Hemming on J9. Tony's catch consisted of carp and bream. Second place was claimed by Steve Dobbs weighing in 75lb 15oz of carp on J7.
Other weights recorded were Alan Gardner weighing in 48lb...

The Grant Davis Match at The Jubilee Fishery. The format of the match is that the anglers name is drawn out from the bag and the angler then chooses which peg they wish to fish from those available on Jubilee, Withies and Phil's pools.
There were cash prizes, medals and gifts for each winning angler. A decision was...

EJAS Club match on Sunday 25 August 2019 held on Jubilee Pool. Conditions were extremely hot with little breeze. The winner was in form Billy Pitman continuing his recent run of success at the fishery, Billy weighed in 74lb 5oz of carp and bream from J1. Second place was claimed by Ian Pitman weighing in 65lb 4oz of carp...

Seven anglers took part in Sunday's Club match to determine the winner of The Jubilee and Dobbins Cups. The match was held on Jubilee Pool. The winner of the match was Billy Pitman weighing in 66lb 15oz on J16. This continued Billy's fine run of form at the fishery. Second place was taken by in form angler Dave Bowditch...

Twelve anglers contested The Annual at Broad Acres Fishery near Hanbury on Sunday 11 August 2019. The match was held on Charlie's Pool. The winner was Dave Bowditch who weighed in 41lb 2oz on C3. Dave's catch consisted of carp, bream and ide. Second place was claimed by Chris Taylor weighing in 31lb 3oz of carp on C25. Third...