Evesham Jubilee club news
We have 25-35 anglers regulary fishing our matches, there can't be many clubs in the country that can boast about that. Winning one of our matches is a great achievement! Read all our match and club news here 

Upcoming visiting Club Matches at the fishery

This Saturday 20th July Pegs 2 - 14 inc now on Jubilee Pool

There are a couple of match's booked for visiting clubs over the next two weeks.  The match this Saturday was due to be on Withies.  This has had to be moved to Jubilee.  They will be using pegs 2 - 14 inc.  The Open will be on pegs 16 - 26 inc unless only a handful attend and take the option to find pegs on Withies.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thursday 25th July

There is a match on Jubilee Pool using pegs 2 - 19.  The direction of the pegs booked is 2,1,26,25.......past the shed.  This means that very popular pegs near the public road are free for Pleasure anglers.  (free pegs 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17) Sorry for the inconvenience.

This Weeks Matches

This week's matches

Wednesday 17th July Affordable Open

This will be on Jubilee Pool. Draw time 9.30 (please arrive around 9.00 to allow the organisers to plan peg allocation) fishing from 10.30 - 15.30. Members £8 Non Members £10. There are 2 bonus pegs running.

Saturday 20th July Open

The pool for this match will be decided by the match organiser. Draw time 9.00 (Please arrive by 8.30 to allow the organiser to plan peg allocation) fishing from 9.00 - 15.00. Members £12 Non Members £14. A clear £10 will go to payouts.

Sunday 21st July Match on the Avon at Common Road

Meeting at around 8.30 for a 9.00 draw.  Fishing 10 - 3.  The match fee will be £10 for this popular match.

The bonus pegs will not be run on this match.

Club Admin Officer.

Eighteen anglers contested the Keith Stanley Memorial Match / Air Ambulance fund raiser at Jubilee Fishery. The Stanley Family had kindly donated raffle prizes and a £100 cash which was used to pay out the main prize winners. A raffle was also organised to raise funds for the Air Ambulance. Members of the Ford family had kindly agreed to...

It was a close match with Billy Pitman just prevailing with 51lb 3oz from peg 9 with Ray Nosworthy second with 50lb 9oz from peg 11. Third was James Gardner with 44lb 7oz from peg 16.
Section winners were Dave Bowditch with 40lb 12oz from peg 14 (pegs 14,16,20,23,25) and Steve Rogers with 24lb 2oz from peg 5 (pegs 1,3,5,7,9,11)...

15 fished on Jubilee. Lovely hot day with a slight breeze.
Richard Ford wins the match with 51lb 13oz from peg 10. Second was Mark Court with 47lb 8oz from peg 12. Third was Dave Bowditch with 42lb 10oz from peg 16 and fourth was Graham Scott with 31lb 9oz from peg 1.
Section winners were John...

Fourteen anglers took part in the Sunday Club Match which had been transferred from Common Road on the River Avon. The match was fished on a Jubilee Pool.
The winner with a fine bag of fish was Gary Seadon weighing in 51lb 1oz on J22. Gary's catch consisted of 41lb of carp and 9lb of bream. Second place...

Hillview fisheries Sunday fishing canals 3 and 4 through the weather was good and no shortage of fish swimming around on the surface it was very frustrating for most to try and get them to feed however every one managed to weigh in double figures Graham Scott was top wight on canal three with 60 lb 14oz with Billy Pitman...

Eight anglers contested the EJAS Club match held on Withies Pool. The winner was in form angler Richard Ford weighing in 18lb 14oz of carp on W11. Second place was secured by Frank Wallace on W22 weighing in 9lb 15oz of carp and roach. Third place was claimed by the ever consistent Bob Evans weighing in 9lb 3oz of carp on W18. ...

The Spring League consisted of five rounds with anglers allowed to drop one result. The anglers positions were determined by their best four results from their section placings.
The overall winner scoring an outstanding 37 points was Gary Seadon. Second place was taken by Bob Evans scoring 36 points. Third place was secured by Ian Pitman scoring 35...