Evesham Jubilee club news
We have 25-35 anglers regulary fishing our matches, there can't be many clubs in the country that can boast about that. Winning one of our matches is a great achievement! Read all our match and club news here 

Wednesday 27th March Jam Factory on Ash Pool

This Wednesday provides a chance to fish premiere Pool Ash at the Jam Factory.  Finally we will have calm and very mild forecast.

Please arrive around 8.30 for a 9.00 draw and plan to fish 10 - 10.30 til 15 - 15.30 depending on how quick we get ourselves organised.  It is very deep between 11 - 14ft.

The peg fee all in will be £15.

Sunday 31st March Jubilee Pool

The owners have allowed us to start the season again one day early. This is so we can fit all matches in leading up to the Easter Egg Open which is on Easter Sunday 21st April (Please note this IS an open even though it is on a Sunday) please pass the word.
There is going to be a change to the league points system which will allow anybody to fish one or more matches without affecting the league. Only one pound with be taken from the match fee for the league so plenty of prize money will be available.

This is how the league points will be allocated.

The winner of the match will get 11 points. Each section will then get 10 points for 1st, 9 for second, 8 for third etc.

12 fish Jubilee
Sections are 2,4,7,10,11,12, and 19,20,21,23,25,27. (2 sections)
Mr Supafish wins from peg 2 with 55lb and gets 11 points. Mr blowfish in the same section but on peg 7 gets 44lb and gets 10 points. Mrs Diligentcrab on peg 12 gets 25lb for 2nd in section and receives 9 points. The next highest weight in that section gets 8 points etc etc.

The wind is all wrong for anglers in the section 19 - 27 and although the weights are much lower the reward is still comparable to allow for the differing conditions.
Mrs Angelfish on peg 20 gets 4lb which is first in the section and she gets 10 points, just behind is Mr Daddy shark with 3lb 14oz from peg 23 and he gets 9 points, the 8 points goes to next highest weight in the section etc etc.

As you can see this is a much fairer way to allocate the points and allows occasional anglers to fish only one or two matches without feeling guilty about taking league points.
The league points will be the drawn from best 4 and of 5 matches so you can miss one.

The bonus peg will still be running in its current format with 2 currently active on a Sunday. Match fees will be £10 plus £1 for the optional bonus peg entry.

The Champions match on the 7th April has now been changed to the Spring League's 2nd match. This was mainly due to the individual angler stats not being available but also little interest in an elitist match that could exclude someone who wants to fish. However ideas are being banded around to see if there is anything lower profile that can be organised.

It has been decided to still make this match stand out a bit from the rest and to bring in the season so it will be a 'Meat Bonanza' match. Funded by the match fee normally given to the club (£2 per angler) there will be a Top Side of Beef joint for 1st. 2 x 10 ounce Sirloins for second and a pack of 10 chicken breasts for third. The meat will be correctly packaged. Just ask the winners of last years Christmas 'Meat Bonanza'  match and you will know this isn't a match to miss.

Don't forget all the prize money will be allocated as normal as well.

Hope to see everyone on this Sunday as well as the following Sunday's Bonanza match.

10 fished on Ash Pool
1st was Rich Ford with 67lb 10oz. Rich also picked up the bonus £10 for the heaviest fish with a 11lb 2oz Carp.
2nd was James Gardner with 57lb 13oz.
Section winners were Dave Bowditch with 47lb 15oz and Alan Gardner with 32lb 14oz.
Other decent weights included 37lb 5oz from...

13 fished Jubilee
This was a competitive match in windy conditions which included two major storms including hail stones.
Gary Seadon wins from peg 10 with 15lb 12oz. Second was Richard Ford from peg 16 with 15lb and third was Frank Wallace with 14lb 14oz from peg 1.
Section winners were Alan Gardner from peg 12...

8 hardy Anglers fished on Jubilee. Conditions were very cold and dead calm.
Mark Court won the match with 14lb 8oz from peg 2. Second was Tony Hemming with 5lb 14oz from peg 11. Section winners were Chris Taylor with 4lb 10oz from peg 12 and Derek Hopkins with 3oz from peg 7.
Fish were everywhere but...

15 Anglers fished on Jubilee Pool
Steve Rogers wins round 4 of the Winter League with 17lb 10oz from peg 4. He was also on the Bonus peg so received an extra 50 pounds! Second was Ron Evans from Peg 12 with 11lb 14oz and third was the very consistent Ray Nosworthy from peg 7 with 11lb 7oz....

Tony Hemming takes the Hangover Cup with a weight of 8lb 7oz from peg 14. Tony was able to entice the Skimmers after a quiet first hour. Second was Gary Seadon with 6lb from peg 18. Section winners were Richard Ford with 4lb 2oz from peg 12 and Steve Rogers with 5lb 14oz from peg 24. Everyone caught fish...

A cracking match on Withies with close placings. However first place was comfortably secured by Ian Pitman on Peg 25 with 33lb 2oz. The next three places show how important a bonus Roach or Perch can be with only 7 ounces splitting, Chris Taylor in second with 21lb 9oz on Peg 23, Ray Nosworthy third with 21lb 4oz on...

So the choice of the whole fishery allowed a few of us to explore the lost world of Withies.
12 Fished in good conditions.
Alan Gardner wins off Withies peg 22 with 30lb 9oz.
1st Alan Gardner Withies peg 22 with 30lb 9oz
2nd Derek Hopkins withies peg 25 with 21lb 2oz
3rd Steve Rogers Jubilee peg 7 with 16lb 4oz ...