Evesham Jubilee club news

We have 25-35 anglers regulary fishing our matches, there can't be many clubs in the country that can boast about that. Winning one of our matches is a great achievement! Read all our match and club news here 

No Match fishing on Withies until June

I am going to ammend the fixture list to reflect that Withies pool is not going to used for matches until June.
It is responding to pleasure anglers but not enough for a match.
Due to the water being overrun with weed last year it has not been fished much and the fish are not currently used to anglers bait. The plan is to continue to improve the water and to confirm stock levels as the water warms up.
The members are assured that new fish stocking is planned later in the year, which along with the other work above should kick start Withies back to its best.
Many thanks for your cooperation and understanding.
Club Secretary

Jubilee Fishery acquired for another year 2021/22

The 2021/22 Jubilee Fishery lease has been agreed at the same rate as last year, including acquisition of some Carp and dye.

The owners have requested that I let the membership know that they spent more than the rent money on the fishery this year.

This means we are able to keep the yearly membership fee at £50 despite the much lower income from matches and visiting clubs.

I am compiling a fixture list, however due to current and possible future COVID restrictions this will almost certainly get updated through the year. This makes checking the fixture list via the website very important rather than relying on the paper copy sent with your initial membership card.

I am waiting for the government to decide if they are lowering restrictions in a couple of weeks, then I will issue the first draft of the fixture list. I am hoping we can have 2 matches during the March close season at Courtfarm Fishery. (Wednesday's)

Look out for more details in a couple of weeks.

Update 07/01/2021 Limited fishing allowed if you are Local

Please see update

The main points are NO match fishing. You can only fish local waters which are described as within the district of a fishery.

Statement from the Angling Trust: Update January 7th 2021

The Government have now formally responded to the representations made by the Angling Trust. We have promoted the huge benefits of fishing on individual health and wellbeing and have been able to present a case to which the Government have listened. On this basis I am pleased to announce that fishing will be permitted during the third national lockdown in England.

The Head of Sports Participation at DCMS confirmed the following:
"fishing is allowed as exercise so long as participants adhere to the rules on staying local, gathering limits, social distancing and limiting the time spent outdoors"
This has also been confirmed by DEFRA:
"Cabinet Office have now officially confirmed that angling / fishing (incl. sea fishing off private boats, water sports) can be considered exercise and are hence permitted."
We have worked extremely hard to reach this position and we as anglers have a duty to abide by the strict conditions under which fishing is once again permitted. With infection rates and death tolls rising we must stick to the Government's rules and ensure that angling remains part of the solution and does not cause problems.

Please bear in mind these key points which will be reflected in the new Angling Trust guidelines which we will publish shortly:

This is a strictly limited resumption of LOCAL fishing and very different to how we have been allowed to operate since May.

We are in a National Lockdown and this must be respected. The law requires a 'reasonable excuse' to leave your home or penalties will apply.

The Government has recognised that fishing can be seen as exercise, which is expressly permitted under the lockdown rules, although outdoor recreation is not.

Organised sporting gatherings are prohibited so no match fishing.

The exercise is limited to once a day so no overnight fishing whatsoever.

To remain within the law you should follow the Government's guidance, and only fish locally within the district where you live. If you have no local fishing available then you will have to take your daily exercise in other ways.

We are once again able to enjoy the sport we love at a time when many others cannot and we must ensure that every angler adheres to the rules.

I would ask all anglers who are not members to join the Angling Trust and give us your support.

We have worked tirelessly to achieve this outcome and that is only possible thanks to the support of our new and existing members. I would ask all anglers who value their ability to go fishing to make the same commitment as your fellow anglers have and join the Angling Trust. We are stronger together!

Join the Angling Trust today

Stay safe and very best fishes

Jamie Cook
Chief Executive, Angling Trust

Acknowledgement of donation to Air Ambulance from Keith Stanley match 2019

£166.50 collected

Air Ambulance receipt
Air Ambulance receipt

Please see attached receipt from the air ambulance for £166.50 collected from the Air Ambulance Keith Stanley Match 2019.

Apologies for how long it took to send! The cheque had been placed at the bottom of the paperwork pile!

We didn't have a match this year due to COVID. It is hoped to do one next year.

Read what's new this week

Match fishing season starts Saturday under Corona Virus constraints

This Saturday 30 May 2020 is our first match under strict Coronavirus conditions. The match will be held on Jubilee Pool. Pleasure anglers please use Withies Pool to fish. The draw time for the match will be 0930 hours, however if everyone could arrive before 0900 hours it will assist the organisers. Fishing 1030 hours until 1530 hours it is likely that it will take around an hour to complete the weighing in leaving the fishery around 1630 hours.  From Saturday the normal match days start: Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays.

The new match entry fees apply which are £12 on a Saturday or Sunday match and £10 on a Wednesday. The extra monies will go towards the payout.

Coronavirus Covid-19.

These matches will be run using a strict social distancing policy. If you are unable or unwilling to accept reasonable precautions implemented by the match organisers then please do not attend these matches. Any person flouting the safety procedures will be warned and if they continue to disregard they will be asked to leave. The following steps will assist in the smooth running of the match;

1. Entrants to bring the exact monies to fish. No change will be given.

2. Competitors please bring and use two keepnets for carp alternating carp between the two nets. This will diminish the weights having to be lifted from the water by competitors. If a competitor wishes to use a silver fish net for bream, roach etc a third keepnet will be required.

3. Please remain at least six feet away from anybody prior to, during and post match. No competitor is allowed to follow the scales during the weigh in.

4. As per The Angling Trust Guidelines regarding weighing in;

At the end of the competition competitors will be expected to remain at their pegs until the weighing in officials arrive. No anglers to follow scalesmen during the weigh in procedures.
The weighing in officials will be appointed, one to weigh the fish the other to record the competitors weights. Weighing in officials should consider the use of gloves and face masks as a precaution and maintain social distancing measures at all times.  The angler should remove their keepnet from the water and transfer their fish to the weigh bag. The angler must step away allowing the weigh in official to come forward and weigh the fish. The weighing in officials then calls the weight and the angler must agree they are happy with the weight stipulated by the official. The weighing in official returns the fish to the water.

This is the basis for using two carp keepnets to assist the competitors and the weigh official to lift safely the anglers catch.

5. Have fun and stay safe.

Compiled by Mark Court and Chris Taylor.


Went to the fishery Saturday and there were 14 fishing. Every person had their membership card and understood the reasons.

Only Bob Evans was fishing Withies and he ended up catching 12 carp with 3 touching double figures. I think that was one more than Ray Nosworthy had showing the way on Jubilee.
Thanks to everyone keeping to the social distancing and ensuring they have their membership cards on them. It is imperative we have traceability in case someone gets the virus and we need to contact any attendee.

I know there is a lot of debate on match fishing. Strictly speaking if distancing is observed it ISN'T against the current restrictions. However we like the vast majority of fisheries are adhering to the Angling Trust's interpretation and not allowing matches or keepnets. Things appear to be improving (fingers crossed) and the next review of the restrictions is 1st June.

Under the Angling Trust's phase 2 competitions will be allowed so our first match could be an Affordable Open on Wednesday 3rd June (new price of £10 with the extra £2 going on payouts). This will be conducted under strict guidelines. Please check the forum, news page or Facebook on the 1st June to see if the match is going ahead. I will send a txt to those I think may not have internet access.

Tight lines

Mark Court
EJAS Secretary

Pleasure fishing from Wednesday - Please don't forget to get your club membership and Environment licence

Unless there is a very unlikely event where Parliament reject the prime ministers new guidelines then pleasure fishing will be allowed from Wednesday.

The main issues for us are:

1. The first visitor in the morning should protect themselves by cleaning hands after opening the gate.

2. Social distancing must be adhered to at all times. (6ft away from any other person) Fishing equipment or tackle must not be shared.

3. Pleasure fishing only. No keep nets (club rule anyway).

4. High Level of personal hygiene. The club has provided extra cleaning products should members need to use the portaloo.

5. Membership cards must be carried at all times when at the fishery. The owners have stipulated that we need to be aware of who is at the fishery. This will help to ensure we can stay safe and will be vital if we need to trace anyone who comes up on the new tracing app, soon to be implemented. Also if the unthinkable (and highly unlikely) thing happens where we get an outbreak at the fishery, then government officials will expect us to be able to provide a list of members to contact for any self isolating.

I know quite a few have already joined this year in anticipation of fishing starting, many thanks to those.

If you haven't joined yet then please do BEFORE fishing. This years membership is only £50 which is great value even though we have lost a couple of months through the virus. I hope members will understand that the club still has all its financial commitments and hasn't received any match funding, which is why the membership must remain at £50.

Amazing value for money and the feeding of the fish during lock-down will have them in peak condition.

You can renew your membership using most credit/debit cards on Paypal via this link below:
or using a cheque to the treasurer: Bob Evans, 188 The Ridgeway, New End, WORCESTER B96 6NP
If you are sending a cheque please txt Bob on 07747655514 to inform him it is on its way. This will save any embarrassment if you are asked for your membership on the bank.

You can also pay any member of the committee.

The government have said that everyone is being looked after financially however we all know governments can stretch the truth. If you are not in a very good financial situation due the virus then please contact myself or Bob in confidence to arrange a payment plan.

Withies Pool is looking better than ever

Many hours of work has been completed to make all 27 pegs fishable.  However that is a massive understatement not only can they be fished but they also now look in pristine condition.  The owners think it has never looked so good and I agree.  This has not been a easy task and many thanks must go primarily to Bob Evans,  Gary Seadon and Richard Ford.  It is a big shame we currently cannot fish but once we can it will be in beautiful surroundings.  

AGM Feedback from meeting on Tuesday

The AGM was conducted on Tuesday. Highlights include:

Fishery rent negotiated and paid for 2020/21 season.

Small increase in match fee's on a Wednesday and Sunday - Carried unanimously
Wednesday Affordable Open now £10 with the extra £2 going on Prize money. The price for members and non members will be the same - £10.
Saturday Open remains the same at £12 but will be for members and non members.
Sunday Club Matches increase by only £1 to £12. This extra £1 will go on prize money.

There will be more 'Special Matches' with bonus prizes on Sundays. This and being able to fish anytime makes becoming a member worthwhile and extremely good value for money.

Keeping the opens the same price for members and non members should encourage more income for the club and ultimately more benefit for members.
Bob Evans remains Treasurer
Mark Court becomes Secretary
Phil Simnett has resigned as Chairman. This is due to taking over Tony Hemming's matches and other commitments. Phil will continue to look after the fence batteries and remain part of the club. John Davis as President and behalf of the club thanked Phil for his service.
Easter Egg match (Open) - Easter Sunday 12th April
John Davis very generously donated a load of Easter Eggs and a couple of alcoholic bottles as prizes.

The club will add to these prizes to make the Easter Match well worth taking your chance in.
It is an Open so bring friends. The match fee is £12 for all. The prizes are EXTRA to the normal prize money so a good payout is also guaranteed. As per the clubs normal policy Monies and prizes would be spread out to give the best chance for the many to get a prize.
Don't forget to join before the new season. Membership take up so far is good and we have had a couple of welcomed donations.
The future is looking good.
Club Secretary

Death of EJAS Club Member Tony Hemming

It is with deep sadness that I write following the death of Tony Hemming from prostrate cancer. Tony had been suffering with the disease for sometime. Tony was taken into St Richards Hospice, Worcester on the evening of Sunday 5 January 2020. Tony passed away the following day. Our thoughts are with Tony's family and close friends he will be missed by all that knew him.

Tony's funeral will be held on Friday 24 January 2020 at 11am. The service will be at Evesham Crematorium (near Fladbury Village). The funeral I believe is open to all wishing to pay their respects to Tony's life.

The Treasurer Bob Evans has made the following statement in respect of Tony's passing;
"All fishing clubs have their problems and Jubilee AS are no exception. However if you judge a club by its members Jubilee AS is one of the best and Tony Hemming was one of the best. The hundreds of hours Tony gave up to keep the club going was unmatched. Tony was a real diamond and a totally unselfish human being. Tony will be greatly missed by all. Rest in peace mate".

I think these sentiments would be agreed by all that know Tony. Personally I will think of him every time I walk passed Peg 9 which I am sure was Tony's all time favourite peg.

Evesham Jubilee Angling Society present cheque for £680 to Ria Simons on behalf of St Richards Hospice

Presented by Chris Taylor, John Davis and Alan Gardner

Recently the proceeds from the Annual Grant Davis Memorial Match and BBQ along with donations were presented to Ria Simons from St Richards Hospice.  The cheque for £680 was well received and Ria gave a short speech on how important donations like ours were to enable the general running of the hospice and future planned expansions.

Approx 230lb's of Carp added to Jubilee Pool

A bargain we couldn't refuse. Received 4th November 2019

Approx 230lb of Carp added to Jubilee Pool

We received an offer of 200lb's of carp from JS Fisheries at a price which represented a 60% discount on anything I could find on-line.  One of the leased pools at his fishery had been sold so the fish needed to be moved and as we are a local club they were offered to us.  The deal was for 200lb of fish averaging 4 - 6lb.  When they arrived today Jack thought there would be more than 200lb and we estimated the final total received was 230lb's a bonus 15%.  As there are currently on-going negotiations with the owners for next years rent I notified them that these fish will be financed solely by donations and I would finance the delivery and collect donations independently.  The committee was very keen to get these fish but only on these terms.

Donations so far are £100 from myself plus approximately 40 Pink Bluetooth speakers which will be sold for only £5 with 100% going to the fund (sold 5 so far with more orders pending)  £25 plus £100 pledged from Ron Evans.  If members just give between £5 - £20 the required figure would be achieved and surpassed in no time.  I will update the forum with each donation (anomalously unless stated) and update the news page weekly.  Please see forum for exact purchase figure. I also plan to hold the occasional 'fish fund match' pending committee approval, with the first hopefully during the Christmas period.

Donations can be made to Mark Court at the fishery or via Paypal to courtieboy@gmail.com.  I will add more payment methods on the forum.  If you wish to donate via the treasurer Bob Evans please let him know it is for the fish so that he can pass the money on.

Tight lines,

Mark Court

Club Admin Officer.

PS If as expected the figure required for these fish is reached reasonably quickly JS Fishery has already stated that he will do us another great deal on Bream when they become available during the colder months of Jan - Feb.  We would be looking for around half the amount we received last year.

Chris Taylor Joins the Ton Up Club

Sat 3rd August 2019

Chris got his ton at the Saturday Open on 3rd August 2019.  He achieved it from peg 2 on Jubilee and weighed 105lb 3oz.  Chris caught the fish on hard pellet and corn.

This is the tenth ton at the fishery and the seventh from Jubilee.  This is the only ton of 2019 so far......

Congratulations to Chris on this milestone.

An amazing eighteen anglers turned up to fish the EJAS Sunday Club match held on Jubilee Pool. Conditions were mild with a very strong southerly wind blowing down the pool. It was decided that the first four anglers overall would receive the main prize monies. In addition there was a Section prize to fish for outside the main prizes.

Twelve anglers took part in the Sunday Club Match held on Jubilee Pool. Conditions were bright and sunny after another overnight frost. It was decided that the first three anglers overall would receive the main prize monies. There were in addition two Section prizes outside of the main list.