Upcoming Fixtures
List of matches scheduled for the next month

River match at Common road this Sunday 25th - Weds/Sat Opens

There is a river match this Sunday at Common Road. Draw time 9am and it is £10 all in to fish.

Tomorrow Wednesday 21st Oct is the affordable open. It is £10 to fish which includes all pools and entry to the golden peg. The draw is 9.30 but this is the last 9.30 draw.

The clocks go back this Sunday so ALL future matches move to 9.00 draw.

Saturday 24th is the Open. Entry is £12. The draw is 9.30 but this is the last 9.30 draw all matches after this Saturday will draw at 9.00.

The Saturday Opens will continue as long as they continue to be attended. If numbers drop off then the Sunday Club match will be the only weekend match through the winter. Notice will be given if anything changes.

Match Date             Match Type              Draw  Location Info

Wed 21st Oct               Affordable Open         9.30         Jubilee

Sat  24th Oct               Open Match                9.30         Jubilee

Sun 25th Oct              Avon Common Road  9.00         River match.  Jubilee Pool is fully booked.

Wed 28th Oct              Affordable Open        9.00          Jubilee Note draw time 9.00

Sat 31st Oct                 Open Match                9.00          Jubilee

Sunday 1st Nov           Club Match                  9.00          Jubilee

Wed 4th Nov               Affordable Open        9.00           Jubilee

Sat   7th Nov                Open Match               9.00           Jubilee

Sun  8th Nov               Tesco Voucher Matc 9.00          Jubilee £50 of vouchers up for grabs.

Wed 11th Nov                Affordable Open       9.00           Jubilee

Sat   14th Nov               Open Match               9.00           Jubilee

Sun  15th Nov               Club match                 9.00           Jubilee

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