Upcoming Fixtures

List of matches scheduled for the next month

Match Date             Match Type                         Draw                Location Info

Wed 14th Apr              Wednesday Open                    9.30                    £12 Mem £14 non mem

Thur 15th Apr              Court Farm Fishery                  9.00ish                £15 Members match

Sat   17th  Apr              Sat Open                                  9.30                     £12 Mem £14 non mem

Sun 18th   Apr              Sunday Club Match                9.30                     £12 Mem £14 non mem

Wed 21st  Apr              Wednesday Open                  9.30                      £12 Mem £14 non mem

Sat   24th Apr               Sat Open                               9.30                      £12 Mem £14 non mem

Sun  25th  Apr              Sunday Club Match              9.30                      £15


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