Upcoming Fixtures
List of matches scheduled for the next month

Match Date             Match Type            Draw   Location              Info

Saturday 18th  Jan   Sat Open                       09.00                                  Cancelled

Sunday    19th  Jan    Sunday Club Match       09.00

Wednes  22nd Jan    Affordable Open           09.00

Saturday 25th Jan    Sat Open                      09.00                                   Cancelled

Sunday   26th  Jan     Court Farm Fishery       09.00

Wednes  29th  Jan     Affordable Open          09.00

Saturday 1st    Feb    Sat Open                       09.00                                   Cancelled

Sunday    2nd  Feb    Sunday Club Match      09.00

Wednes   5th   Feb    Affordable Open          09.00 

Saturday  8th  Feb    Sat Open                      09.00                                   Cancelled

Sunday     9th  Feb    Sunday Club Match      09.00