Team Jubilee beat Bidford AC on the Jubilee pool


Team Jubilee led by captain Billy Pitman welcomed Bidford AC to the Jubilee fishery on Saturday for the annual 10 a-side team challenge match held on the Jubilee pool. 

Jubilee ran out the winners to regain the challenge Shield with 131 points against Bidfords 80 points. Jubilee anglers also took all top 4 individual places. 

David Bowditch drawn on peg 13 won the match with 57lb 9oz. Phil Seedhouse on J1 was 2nd with 41lb 8oz. 3rd was Chris Taylor J25, 37lb 2oz. The 4th individual prize was claimed by Jubilee captain Billy Pitman on J7 with 35lb 3oz. 

Other weights were:-

Richard Ford (Bidford) 35lb 3oz

Pete Dutton (Jubilee) 34lb 13oz

Steve Hemming (Bidford) 29lb 12oz

Ian Pitman (Jubilee) 29lb 7oz

Bob Evans (Bidford) 27lb 5oz

Steve Rogers (Bidford) 27lb 1oz

Ron Evans (Jubilee) 21lb 8oz

Rich Hall (Bidford) 20lb 14oz

Pete Burr (Bidford) 18lb 6oz

Jon Cox (Jubilee) 17lb 1oz

Ray Nosworthy (Bidford) 16lb 9oz 

Alan Gardner (Jubilee) 16lb 6oz 

Derek Hopkins (Jubilee) 13lb 13oz 

Rick Liddell (Jubilee) 9lb 10oz 

Matt Gisbourne (Bidford) 3lb 0oz 

G Rose (Bidford) 0lb 4oz