Steve Rogers wins Winter League Round 4


15 Anglers fished on Jubilee Pool
Steve Rogers wins round 4 of the Winter League with 17lb 10oz from peg 4. He was also on the Bonus peg so received an extra 50 pounds! Second was Ron Evans from Peg 12 with 11lb 14oz and third was the very consistent Ray Nosworthy from peg 7 with 11lb 7oz. Section winners were Jenny Walters from peg 8 with 6lb 1oz (2,4,7,8) Alan Gardner from peg 10 with 7lb 11oz and Bob Evans from peg 25 with 6lb 8oz.
It was very windy and the wind was blowing towards the road side which appeared to give that side the edge.
The top 4 places came from this side of the lake.
Ray is in prime position in the league with
Full Results
1st Steve Rogers Peg 4 17b 10oz 11 points
2nd Ron Evans Peg 12 11lb 14oz 9 points
3rd Ray Nosworthy peg 7 11lb 7oz 8 points
4th Alan Gardner peg 10 7lb 11oz 7 points
5th Bob Evans peg 25 6lb 8oz 6 points
6th Jenny Walter peg 8 6lb 1oz 5 points
7th Phil Simnett peg 13 5lb 4oz 4 points
8th Mark Court peg 26 5lb 2oz 3 points
9th Tony Hemming peg 2 4lb 13oz 2 points
10th Rich Ford peg 19 4lb 6oz 1 point
11th Frank Wallace peg 16 3lb 1 point
12th Derek Hopkins peg 21 DNW 1 point
League Positions
1. Ray Nosworthy 34 points
2. Steve Rogers 29 points
3= Mark Court 26 points
3= Bob Evans 26 points
5= Rich Ford 21 points
5= Ron Evans 21 points
7. Alan Gardner 20 points
8. Frank Wallace 12 points (Fished 3 matches so far)
9. James Gardner 11 points (Fished 2 matches so far)
10. Ian Pitman 9 points (Fished 3 matches so far)
11. Jenny Walters 5 points (Fished 1 match so far)
12. Phil Simnett 4 points (Fished 1 match so far)
13 John Swain 1 point (Fished 1 match so far)
All Very close at the top and with 3 matches still to go places can change significantly.