Steve Foster wins the Fishery Festival


25 Jubilee members enjoyed a two day Spring festival at the Jubilee Fishery over the weekend which produced a close finish with 4 anglers all tying in first place on 19 points.

Weight count back decided the final standings. Steve Foster won the festival catching 61lb 0oz from the Withies on the first day and followed that up with 42lb 8oz from the Jubilee pool on day two.

1st day section winners were Steve Foster W35, 61lb 0oz Doug Smith J14, 44lb 14oz, Graham Scott J1, 33lb 7oz and Richard Walker W9 32lb 2oz.

2nd day section winners were Chris Taylor, J14, 44lb 5oz, Richard Ford J35, 38lb 11oz, Phil Seedhouse W30, 25lb 8oz and Bob Evans W9, 18lb 10oz.

Final standings 1st Steve Foster 19 points (103lb 8oz) 2nd Phil Seedhouse 19 points (61lb 7oz) Joint 3rd place Graham Scott and Richard Walker 19 points (58lb 4oz) 5th Chris Taylor 18 points, 6th Richard Ford 16 points 7th Mark Birbeck 16 points.

View the final festival standings by downloading the file below