Roy Freeth wins club match 18th April


Twelve anglers took part in the Sunday Club Match held on Jubilee Pool. Conditions were bright and sunny after another overnight frost. It was decided that the first three anglers overall would receive the main prize monies. There were in addition two Section prizes outside of the main list.

The winner of the match was Roy Freeth recording an outstanding fourth win. Roy weighed in a very creditable 43lb 7oz of lead / feeder caught carp on J21.

Second place was claimed by Frank Wallis weighing in 33lb 11oz of carp on J1. Frank's catch was taken on the feeder and pole.

Third place was secured by Pete Lewis weighing in 26lb 10oz of carp on J19. Pete's catch was taken on the pole.

Section winners were Barry Blewitt weighing in 25lb 2oz of carp on J9 ( Section J1,3,5,7,9 and 11) and Alan Gardner weighing in 26lb 9oz of feeder caught carp on J23 ( Section J13,15,17,19,21 and 23).

Other weights of note were Gary Seadon weighing in 20lb 15oz on J13.