Ray Nosworthy wins the Fur and Feather match with an excellent 74lb off the Withies


This years twice postponed Fur and Feather match finally took place on the Jubilee and Withies pools this weekend. 

The match proved to be another straight out shoot out with Ray Nosworhy and Ian Pitman pegged side by side on the Withies. 

Ray on W4 ran out the winner placing 74lb 0oz on the scales beating Ian on W2 into 2nd place with another excellent winter weight of 53lb 10oz.

3rd was Dave Bowditch with the top weight on the Jubilee pool, J13 with 24lb 11oz. 4th was Gary Johns 20lb 7oz. Section winners were Gary Seadon 17lb 15oz, Martin Dougmore 7lb 11oz, Doug Smith 2lb 12oz and Billy Pitman 2lb 7oz