Ray Nosworthy wins round 2 of Spring League


17 Fished Jubilee Pool
A fantastic match with Ray Nosworthy winning with 31lb 5oz from peg 24 (old 25 by tree). Ray's catch consisted of 8 bream and only 1 carp! This is fantastic for the fishery, an area where very few carp were being caught can still win a match with the new bream.
Ray was also on the bonus peg and picks up an extra £50, it was also a meat bonanza match and I think Ray choose the 2 x 10oz Sirloin Steaks. With the meat and payouts £95! With the increase in anglers the prize money is going a long-way.
Second was Bob Evans with 23lb 4oz from peg 19, (picked up a large joint of beef) third was Gary Seadon (picked up a tray of 10 chicken breasts) with 22lb 4oz from peg 8 and 4th was Mark Court from peg 14 (still haven't caught a bream yet!). I was pleasantly surprised that 4th got £20!
Section winners were Pete Lewis with 19lb 12oz from peg 5 (1,2,4,5,6,8), Frank Wallace with 17lb 10oz (10,12,13,14,16) and Steve Rogers with 12lb from peg 20 (19,20,21,22,23,24)
It did seem that a lot of weight was caught today. I did a comparison to the match around the same time last year.
17 fished today and 204lb (4oz) was caught. An average of 12lb per person.
19 fished last year for 43lb (4oz) was caught. An average of 2lb 4 oz per person.
I suspect the extensive Siltex treatment and perhaps the competition from the bream hasn't harmed catches. I would argue it has made a big difference.
League standings to follow tomorrow.
Today's donations £20 and £10 has been added to the just giving site with comment 'donations from fishing match 07/04/2019'. Thanks to Jenny going round everyone the Sunday football card took £19 with 21 still to sell.