Phil Seedhouse wins the 2nd leg of the Winter Warmer series


18 Jubilee members fished the 2nd round of the Jubilee Fishery series of 3 Winter Warmer matches held on the Jubilee pool last Sunday.

Phil Seedhouse drawn on J31 won the leg, weighing in 27lb 6oz. 2nd placed was Billy Pitman on J25 with 15lb 8oz and the 3 section winners were James Gardner on J18 with 14lb 9oz, Bob Evans on J6 with 12lb 11oz and Mark Hall on J33 with 8lb 0oz. 

The top 9 places in the standings with 2 rounds fished and the final round to be fished next week are as follows

19 points - Phil Seedhouse, James Gardner and Bob Evans

18 points - Mark Birbeck and Mark Hall 

17 points - Ian Pitman and Mark Court

16 points - Billy Pitman and Robin Ballard