Pete Lewis wins Christmas Fayre Match 22nd Dec 2019


Thirteen anglers took part in The Christmas Fayre Match held on Jubilee Pool. There were prizes for all entrants comprising of gifts, chocolates, wine, beer and biscuits. It was decided that there would be pools prizes for the first three anglers overall and two section winners prizes.

The overall winner of the match was Pete Lewis weighing in a very creditable catch of seven carp weighing in at 27lb 6oz on J11. Pete's catch was taken on pole fished corn. Second place was taken by Steve Dobbs weighing in two carp for 18lb 7oz on J13. Steve's catch included a carp weighing in at 14lb 2oz. Third place was secured by Richard Ford weighing in 12lb 12oz of carp on J8. Richards catch was made on the pole fishing pinkies.

The Section winners were Chris Taylor weighing in three carp for 10lb 15oz on J5 ( Section J1,3,5,7,8,9 and 11) and Bob Evans weighing in two carp on J25 for 9lb 9oz ( Section J13,16,19,21,23 and 25).

All entrants received prizes irrespective of their finishing position in the match. The Bonus Pegs were not won today.

Thanks must be given to Mark Court for his time and effort in organising this contest and purchasing the prizes handed out to the competitors.