Mark Court wins the fishery 2 day festival


Jubilee members fished the two day fishery festival last weekend, fishing on the Jubilee pool on the Saturday and then the Withies pool the following day. 

Mark Court won the match on the Saturday fishing the Method feeder from J12 weighing in 35lb 4oz. and a section win on the Sunday from the Withies was enough to win the festival.

Saturdays match on the Jubilee pool. 1st Mark Court J12, 35lb 4oz. section winners were James Gardner J2, 35lb 1oz and Derek Hopkins with 21lb 2oz, including a carp weighing in at 11lb 12oz. 

Sundays match on the Withies saw Alan Gardner win from W23 with 34lb 0oz and section winners were Bob Evans W16, 31lb 0oz and Mark Court W11 with 19lb 8oz, including an eel weighing 2lb 8oz. 

Top 4 final placings

Mark Court 16 points 

Alan Gardner 15 points 

Martin Smith 13 points 

Bob Evans 12 points