Mark Court wins Meat, Wine and Beer Match Sunday 12th July


Eleven anglers took part in the Meat and Wine Match organised by Mark Court. The first three anglers overall had a choice of a Joint of Topside Beef, Two 10oz steaks or a pack of ten chicken breasts. There was also two bottles of wine for the angler catching the heaviest carp on the day. All entrants were given a bag of pellets for entering the match.

Conditions were still and sunny with little if any breeze. It was decided that the first three anglers overall would receive the main pools monies. In addition there were two Section prizes to fish for.

The winner in a close fought contest was Mark Court weighing in eight carp for 50lb 9oz on J9. Marks catch was taken on the pole. Mark also caught the heaviest carp of the day weighing in a level 14lb. Narrowly in second place was Steve Rogers weighing in 48lb 12oz of pole caught carp on J3. The final angler in the main frame was Richard Ford weighing in 36lb 15oz of carp and silver fish on J19.

Section winners were Roy Freeth weighing in 29lb 3oz of carp on J13 ( Section J1,3,7,9,11 and 13) and Chris Taylor weighing in 26lb 7oz of carp and a solitary bream on J21 ( Section J15,19,21,23 and 25).

Other weights worthy of mention were Bob Evans weighing in 26lb 2oz on J15 missing out on the Section prize by 5 ounces and Ray Nosworthy weighing in 18lb 11oz of carp on J1.

Thanks to Mark Court for organising the meat and bottle prizes.