Mark Court wins fish fundraiser


It was great to see 15 turn out today. This has raised £75 for the fish fund and payouts were still great.

I will also do one on the May Bank holiday/s.

So 15 fished Jubilee on a much windier day but still lovely and hot.
The match was won by Mark Court with 58lb 6oz from peg 25. Second was Ian Pitman with 43lb 8oz from peg 4. Third was Bob Evans with 37lb 6oz from peg 13. (£30, £25, £20).

Section winners were Barry Blewett with 31lb 4oz from peg 7 and Glyn Blewett with 32lb 4oz from peg 22. (both got £15).

Lots of good weights including 19lb 4oz of Bream caught by Pete Lewis from peg 18. Alan got 25lb 5oz from peg 19. Rod got 20lb 4oz from peg 2. Phil got 24lb from peg 6. Jim got 27lb 8oz from peg 10. Jenny got 16lb 2oz from peg 1 and Frank got 15lb 11oz from peg 20.

Also first timer Sophie Wallace drew peg 12. After losing one carp she persevered and ended up with 7lb 8oz. (more than what I got on my first go!). Hope to see you again.

350lb's of fish caught today at an average of 23lb's.