Ian Pitman wins cracking Match on Withies


A cracking match on Withies with close placings. However first place was comfortably secured by Ian Pitman on Peg 25 with 33lb 2oz. The next three places show how important a bonus Roach or Perch can be with only 7 ounces splitting, Chris Taylor in second with 21lb 9oz on Peg 23, Ray Nosworthy third with 21lb 4oz on Peg 11 and forth was Phil Simnett with 21lb 2oz on peg 3 (Outside section winner).
To top off an exciting weigh in James Gardner and Tony Hemming shared the inner section each with 15lb 10oz.
Full Results
1st Ian Pitman 33lb 2oz Peg 25
2nd Chris Taylor 21lb 9oz Peg 23
3rd Ray Nosworthy 21lb 4oz Peg 11
4th Phil Simnett 21lb 2oz Peg 3 (Outside section winner)
5th= James Gardner 15lb 10oz Peg 15 (Shared Inner Section)
5th= Tony Hemming 15lb 10oz Peg 22 (Shared Inner Section)
7th Ron Evans 7lb 3oz Peg 4
8th Mark Court 6lb 4oz Peg 5
9th Alan Gardner 5lb 8oz Peg 7
10th Rich Ford 4lb 12oz Peg 1