Graham Scott wins the Birbeck Festival


17 Jubilee members enjoyed 3 days great fishing down in Someret fishing a 3 day festival on three stillwaters, The Sedges, Trinity Waters and Avalon Fishery.

Graham Scott returned the perfect score of 3 section wins to claim the Trophy catching 147lb 13oz of fish. Day 1 winner on the Sedges was Jim Gurney with 67lb 7oz and Richard Walker picked up the dreaded wooden Spoon. Day 2 on Trinity Waters saw Andy Mitchell win the match with 64lb 4oz with Ron Evans picking up the dreaded wooden spoon. Day 3 on the Moors pool at Avalon Fishery saw Rob Butcher break the tonne barrier winning with 102lb 0oz and Billy Pitman picked up the wooden spoon.

The top 3 overall were 1st Graham Scott 3 points (147lb 13oz), 2nd Rob Butcher 6 points (160lb 9oz) and 3rd Stu Thomson 6 points (152lb 13oz)

Ian Pitman picked up the overall wooden Spoon with 12 points