Graham Scott regains the Somerset leveller


15 anglers travelled down to Somerset last weekend for the now traditional 3 day Birbeck/Somerset Leveller Festival, this year fished at Viaduct, The Sedges and Avalon fisheries. 

Graham Scott (left) receives the Silver Salver from 2017 winner Steve Foster
Graham Scott (left) receives the Silver Salver from 2017 winner Steve Foster

The festival is decided on section points over the 3 days from 3 different venues. The weather again was fine and all anglers enjoyed another great festival with the banter at the digs in the evening where the wooden spoons were presented.

Day 1 was at Viaduct fishing on the Carey pool. Graham Scott got off to a great festival start, winning the match with 146lb 10oz and an important section win. Other section winners were Stu Thomson 102lb 13oz, Dave Bowditch 94lb 4oz and Andy Mitchell 91lb 0oz. Martin Smith picked up the dredged wooden spoon. 

Day 2 was at The Sedges fishing on the Tile pool. Saw James Gardner win the match with 121lb 15oz with John Swain also breaking the tonne barrier for a section win with 118lb 7oz. Rob Butcher 67lb 15oz and Steve Foster 63lb 0oz picked up the other section wins, while Alan Gardner celebrated his birthday by picking up the wooden spoon. 

Day 3 was at Avalon Fisheries on the Moors pool. Doug Smith won the match with 96lb 12oz. While the other section winners were Phil Seedhouse 78lb 10oz, Martin Smith 59lb 4oz and Graham Scott 48lb 11oz. With Dave Bowditch picking up the wooden spoon.

Festival Result

1st Graham Scott 4 points (234lb 7oz)

2nd Andy Mitchell 5 points (213lb 6oz)

3rd Steve Foster 5 points (209lb 11oz)

Overall Wooden spoon winner Alan Gardner

As always this was another well run and organised festival by Mark Birbeck