Gary Seadon wins Winter League Rd 6


13 fished Jubilee
This was a competitive match in windy conditions which included two major storms including hail stones.
Gary Seadon wins from peg 10 with 15lb 12oz. Second was Richard Ford from peg 16 with 15lb and third was Frank Wallace with 14lb 14oz from peg 1.
Section winners were Alan Gardner from peg 12 with 5lb 12oz (1,2,4,7,8,10,12) and Pete Lewis from peg 23 with 13lb (14,16,19,20,23,25)
The bonus pegs were not won and roll over (£50 max and £13)
Full Result
1st Gary Seadon Peg 10 with 15lb 12oz 11 points
2nd Richard Ford Peg 16 with 15lb 0oz 9 points
3rd Frank Wallace Peg 1 with 14lb 14oz 8 points
4th Pete Lewis Peg 23 with 13lb 0oz 7 points
5th James Gardner Peg 20 with 12lb 0oz 6 points
6th Ray Nosworthy Peg 19 with 10lb 0oz 5 points
7th Alan Gardner Peg 12 with 5lb 12oz 4 points
8th Bob Evans Peg 7 with 4lb 8oz 3 points
9th Steve Rogers Peg 14 with 4lb 2 points
10th Phil Simnett Peg 8 with 3lb 8oz 1 point
11th Jenny Walters Peg 25 with 0lb 2oz 1 point
12= Mark Court Peg 4 DNW 1 point
12= Ron Evans Peg 2 DNW 1 point