Gary Seadon wins round 4 of Spring League


Result of Spring League Round 4

18 fished Jubilee after a very cold couple of days and nights. Fishing was tough and it came down to the recently stocked bream to bolster weights.

Gary Seadon took the match from peg 25 with 23lb 9oz which consisted of 17lb of bream. Second place was taken by Dave Bowditch from peg 8 with 14lb 9oz, third was Frank Wallace with 14lb 7oz from peg 10 and fourth was Ron Evans with 13lb 5oz from peg 23.

Section Winners were Ray Nosworthy with 8lb 7oz from peg 19, Steve Rogers with 12lb 15oz from peg 2 and James Gardner with 7lb 2oz from peg 16.