Evesham Jubilee v Shipston Baa-Baas, Angling Times Supercup R1


The Jubilee pool will host the first round Knockout match between Evesham Jubilee A.S and Shipston on Stour A.C's Shipston Baa-Baas team on Saturday 6th May 2017. 

The whole of the Jubilee pool will be used for this match where there will be 6 two man sections on the pool deciding the match outcome using pegs 1-3 6-8 14-16 21-23 25-27 and 35-37  

A small group of anglers from Shipston on Stour AC will be practising on the Jubilee pool on Saturday 29th May. As the regular Saturday Open match is scheduled to be held on the Withies pool. The Jubilee pool is still available to all members for pleasure sessions.

The regular Saturday Open match on 6th May will be held on the Withies pool and there will be no pleasure fishing on the Jubilee pool to members on this day. 

Jubilee Team 

Mark Birbeck (Capt) 

Phil Seedhouse

Ian Pitman 

Andy Mitchell 

Martin Smith 

Chris Taylor