Chris Taylor wins the fishery 2 day spring festival


Twenty anglers took part in the May Festival held on Jubilee and Withies Pools. Anglers drawing Jubilee Pool on day one would then fish Withies Pool on day two. The match was organised by Andy Mitchell supported by Dougie Smith. Beside an overall payout there were four daily section winner prizes and a payout for the individual winner. Section winners scored ten points towards the overall points total.

The winner of the first day match was Chris Taylor drawn on Jubilee Pool peg 21 with a weight of 62lb 7oz (Section J21 to J39) Section winners were Colin Perry from Jubilee 8 weighing in 27lb 9oz (J1 to J18), Martin Smith weighing 25lb 6oz from W7 (Section W3 to W23) and Andy Mitchell weighing in 29lb 8oz from W36. (Section W25 to W36)

The second day of the festival was won by Alan Gardner with a fine weight of 69lb from J23 which included a carp weighing in at 14lb 15oz. (Section J21 to J39). Section winners were Graham Scott weighing in 36lb 1oz from J6 (Section J1 to J18), Chris Taylor weighing in 65lb 7oz from W20 (Section W3 to W23) and Dougie Smith weighing in 18lb 7oz from W36. (Section W25 to W36)

The overall final standings and prize winners for the Festival were;

1st Chris Taylor with 20 points

2nd Andy Mitchell 19 points weight count back total 54lb 5oz

3rd Dougie Smith 19 points weight 44lb 10oz

4th Steve Foster 17 points weight 57lb 9oz

5th Graham Scott 17 points weight 51lb 9oz

6th Martin Smith 17 points weight 41lb 13oz