Chris Taylor wins 'Bonus Prize Match' Sunday 15th September


Seventeen anglers took part in the Prize Match held on Jubilee Pool. There was a choice of prizes for the individual winners which included a joint of beef, an assortment of fishing goodies and bottles of spirits. There was also a prize for the heaviest carp and bream caught during the contest.
The winner of the match was Chris Taylor weighing in a bag of bream and carp on J9 for a total weight of 79lb. The catch was made using hard pellet and sweetcorn down the edge. Second place was claimed Jim Bennett weighing in 52lb 11oz of carp on J15. Jim's catch included a carp weighing in at 10lb 10oz. Third place was claimed by the ever consistent Ray Nosworthy weighing in 45lb 8oz of carp on J16. The fourth main frame place was claimed by Gary Seadon weighing in 39lb 13oz of carp on J12.
Section winners were Pete Lewis weighing in 39lb 10oz of carp on J3 ( Section J1,2,3,4,5 and 7), Dave Bowditch weighing in 19lb 10oz of bream and carp on J11 ( Section J9,10,11,12,15 and 16) and Alan Gardner returning to winning ways with 37lb 12oz of carp on J19 ( Section J19,21,23,24 and 25). Alan also won the prize for the largest carp weighing in at 13lb 11oz. The winner of the largest bream was a tie between Bob and Ron Evans who shared the prize of a box of chocolates.
Overall a well attended match with some really good weights recorded. Thanks to the organisers of the prizes which were provided to the lucky winners.