Chris Taylor wins at Tirley Court with 175lb 5oz


18 Jubilee members travelled to Tirley Court for the latest club match where some excellent weights were recorded with 9 members breaking the 100lb barrier in a match that had 1872lb of fish caught, averaging 104lb an angler. 

Chris Taylor caught a personal best of 175lb 5oz to win the match. 2nd placed was Ian Pitman with an excellent 164lb 14lb. The 3 section winners were James Gardner 143lb 10oz, Graham Scott 123lb 15oz and Richard Walker 109lb 14oz. 

The other four anglers to break the 100lb barrier, but out of the framing places where Andy Mitchell 127lb 14oz. Rob Butcher 122lb 6oz, Rob Holloway 119lb 13oz and Steve Foster 101lb 12oz