Alan Gardner wins Easter Egg Open Sat 20th April


Fantastic turnout 26 fished Jubilee with one section on Withies.
Alan Gardner won the match, I think everyone knows anyway as he was spreading the word today at Southam Car Boot.
The top 15 places received a prize.
Full Results:
1st Alan Gardner won with 32lb 8oz from peg 15
2nd Frank Wallace with 26lb 9oz from peg 2
3rd Jim Gurney with 25lb 12oz from peg 20
4th Chris Taylor with 24lb 4oz from
Section Winners were Nigel Cox with 5lb 12oz from peg 13, Martin Smith with 22lb from peg 19 and Bob Evans with 18b 5oz from peg 18 on Withies.
It was a good laugh and the Easter Eggs were safely stored in coolers so no 'runny Eggs'
The second Football card was completed and was won by Gary Seadon. Another £25 was made for the fish fund. Frank Wallace very kindly donated £10 from his winnings to the fish fund. These donations are very welcomed but it is the same people so it would be great if others could chip in.