The Jubilee Fishery Rules

For all users including visiting clubs, open contests and members

Jubilee Fishery Rules and Regulations

For all users including visiting clubs, open contests and members

Please respect the fish, wildlife and the land, upholding the bylaws of the country.

Make sure that all litter is taken home

A PDF copy of these fishery rules can be downloaded by clicking on the link below 

Permitted baits only




Meat (Not liquidised)

Bread (including liquidised)

Corn (including liquidised)

Carp Pellet


Paste can be used but only on the hook

Groundbait will be allowed but only cupped in or deposited via a feeder and not to be balled in

No Floating baits in ALL matches

No Boilies

No Fires

No Dogs

No Night Fishing

No Day tickets are issued

No unaccompanied children under 16

No Braided Line

No Floating poles

No Parking on Jubilee Pool between pegs 32 to 39 To allow easy access to other fishery users


Barbless hooks only only maximum size 10 (Spot checks will be made by Fishery Bailiffs)

Keepnet Policy 

Two keepnets must be used at all times, one for carp over one pound in weight. The other keepnet, a silver fish keepnet must be used for Roach, Perch, Crucian Carp, Goldfish, Bream, Skimmer Bream, Rudd, Ide, Tench, Eels, Chub and Barbel. Small carp under a pound in weight will also be retained in the silver fish keepnet. 

A maximum of 65lb of fish should be retained in either keepnet. All fish should be placed in the keepnet with the use of a landing net, not thrown or dropped down the side of the keepnet.

All nets to be laid out to dry whilst tackling up and then placed into the water. At the request of the fishery owner Keepnets may NOT be used in pleasure sessions.

Failure to comply with this club rule will potentially result in an angler facing expulsion from the club. This rule will be enforced by club bailiffs and members. This rule is imposed for the wellbeing of the fish stock. 

Only one hook and line used via a rod or pole to be used at a time at the fishery (other rods/pole may be set up)


Park your vehicle tidily and with consideration for other fishery users. Cars drivers please note you are using the fishery at your own risk and the club is not responsible for any theft, loss or damage to your motor vehicle.

All fish to be returned to the pool that they were caught from.

All members are bailiffs. Membership cards must be presented upon request.

The gate must be closed upon leaving the fishery.

The fishery is closed in March.