About Evesham Jubilee 
In general the club is a very friendly one and our matches are fished in a very friendly positive nature with only a small match/peg fee payable. Most club matches are fished on Sunday mornings and there are regular Saturday and Wednesday opens at the fishery. It's the taking part that's important not the prize money!

Evesham Jubilee Angling Society is one the largest fishing clubs in the area. We have anglers with all skills and levels, from novices to more experienced match men. On most Sundays mornings the club holds matches at various locations. These include The Rivers Avon, Severn and the Arrow and Stillwater's such as The Worcester Canal, Lakes, Pools and the Jubilee Fishery.

During the course of the season members compete for the society's trophies and cups. There are individual Cups for 'one off' matches and trophies for points earned on matches held over the course of the season. The overall club champion receives the Punchbowl and the best river angler represents the club in the Wychavon championships during the Evesham Festival weekend in August the following year.

There are also trophies for winter and summer aggregate scores during the season. These cups are presented to the winners at the clubs annual presentation Evening in May. There are also trophies for junior members and all skills and levels. 

The winners of any silverware have their name engraved into our club trophies which they then keep for a year. Some of the trophies are very old and have a lot of family names from the past engraved on them.

Highlights of the match calendar are 'The Annual' the 'Fur and Feather' the Grant Davis Memorial match and the Centenary Trophy. The Fur and Feather match is fished near to Christmas and is a sell-out every year. Straight after the Match, Prizes are handed out at Headquarters. Each and every member will receive a prize greater than there match fee, making the Jubilee Fur and Feather one of the very best in the area!

Pleasure fishing at the fishery 

Many of our members prefer to pleasure fish at the fishery, where you have the choice of 100 pegs. This represents excellent value as you can go as many times as you wish (except March) for less than a fiver a month!!